Bali Diary Day Two: Hidden Canyon

Location, location, location. We felt very lucky to have a taxi and tour service right outside our door. So we took advantage and booked ourselves a driver for the day. We knew the first stop would be the Secret Canyon in Sukuwati.

Sukawati, Hidden Canyon, Bali, Indonesia
Hidden gem – Hidden Canyon

We put 100,000 IDR $10 Australian deposit down to be picked up at 12pm. Since we had time to kill we wandered the markets. I was a little bit nervous as I knew it was a custom to haggle. I definitely appreciate a good bargain however I am not the kind of person to ask for a discount. We were not set out to purchase anything in particular, we more went for curiosity. As soon as we entered the markets stall owners were waving us in, flashing colourful clothing in our faces while ensuring a ‘good price’ for us. We knew we were more than likely going to come back with something. But It was not a problem as I had forgotten to pack my Jandals/ flip flops/ thongs. I experienced haggling for the first time – interesting concept.

Chilling in the running water


 It was roughly a 35 minute drive from our accommodation to the Hidden Canyon. For now, the Canyon is not very crowded as not many tourists know about it. However there is still a fee to pay upon entering. The payment is for the local guide who safely directs you through the Gorges. At first we were sceptical of having a guide as we wanted to take our time swimming and taking lots of footage on our Gopro. Not long after entering the waters we realised that a guide is absolutely necessary as the water levels were rather high (infact, the canyon closed not even a week later due to water levels). We still had a great amount of time to take in the phenomenal landscape and record some footage.

Sukawati, Hidden canyon Bali, indonesia
Climbing the stone walls

The stone walls of the canyon tower high. It showcases visible cuts, curves and dips caused naturally by thousands of years of corrosion and erosion. It is not surprising that this natural picturesque wonder is kept in secret.

Sukawati, Hidden Canyon, Bali, Indonesia
You will definitely get wet

To Know Before You go:
You will get drenched, so bring a spare pair of clothes and a towel.
You will be using both hands to climb across the stone walls, so if you are bringing anything with you then put it in a backpack or the water resistant bag provided by your guide.
There is still a high possibility of your belongings getting wet, but dont worry there are lockers available for your valuables you do not want to risk getting water damaged.
You will be walking through the canyon barefoot so there is no need to bring sneakers or jandals into the canyon, keep them dry in your locker.
Invest in a waterproof camera.

The location of the canyon:
From denpasar it is a 15-20 minute drive. 35-40 minutes from Ubud. I would reccomend a taxi or tour to reach this destination as its not well sign posted at this stage. But if you are super keen of driving the whereabouts can be found with the helping hands of the locals.


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