Bali Diary Day Five: Blasted Bali Belly

Before our trip to Bali I had heard of Bali belly, more commonly known as Travellers diarrhoea. I thought nothing of it as I believe my immune system to be rather strong. That, and also no-one thinks it will happen to them.

What is Bali Belly?

We came to learn just what Bali belly is. It is bad news for any traveller. Put nicely, symptoms are chronic puking from both ends of your body. I do not think I need to paint you a verbal picture, but let’s just say that day five was a complete write off. We believe it was from swimming in and swallowing contaminated water.

It is quite common for first timers to Bali to expereince this.
– Here are a few pointers to best avoid the situation:
– Drink only bottled water.
– Avoid consuming tap water – including in the shower and cleaning your teeth.Even avoid drinks with ice – the ice is usually made from tap water.
– Eat out at places you trust will thoroughly cook meat.
– Do not keep left over food for later consumption.
– Wash your hands before eating – always carry hand sanitizer as a few public toilets do not washing facilities.Invest in travel insurance. We all think “it won’t happen to me.” That is exactly what I thought.


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